Processing in Jupyter notebook

  1. Install python3
  2. Install jupyter note
  3. Install calysto_processing
  4. Install Processing & processing-java(Mac user)
  5. Write Processing code

In my case, I’m using pyenv to use python2 and python3, so install command is the following.

How to install pyenv

$ pyenv install 3.6.1
$ pyenv global 3.6.1

$pyenv global 3.6.1

Then install python packages via pip

$ pip install jupyter notebook
$ pip3 install --upgrade calysto_processing --user
$ python3 -m calysto_processing install --user

Of course, we need to install Processing.

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After installing processing-java need to export the path of processing-java

$ which processing-java
$ export PROCESSING_JAVA=/usr/local/bin/processing-java

Finally, open jupyter notebook

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