Generate a press kit page from JSON

My ITP friends, Dror and Or made a very useful tool which they named Presskit.js.

What is Presskit.js?

A JS script that generates a well-designed press kit page 📰for your creative project ✨

What Can I Do with Presskit.js?

Presskit.js allows users to generate a presskit page. (See the below)
What users need to do is to edit one variable, projectDetails. This is super easy for people who have an experience of coding.

Presskit.js demo

However, probably Presskit.js is kind difficult to do use for people who don’t have any experience of coding.

Then I forked their repo and add a function which users can generate a json file from an excel sheet(template.xlsx).

How to Use

  1. Download my repo
  2. Open the excel sheet template.xlsx. There are several items for the JSON files.
  3. Edit the excel sheet.
  4. Open and move into the folder then type
$ python

5. Then open press.html

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