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  • Travis Reeder

    Travis Reeder

    Founder, CTO at GoChain - Building and breaking things

  • wissal haji

    wissal haji

  • Przemek Chojecki

    Przemek Chojecki

    CEO Contentyze, the text editor 2.0, PhD in maths, Forbes 30 under 30 β€” β†’ Sign up for free at https://app.contentyze.com

  • Yining Shi

    Yining Shi

    Creative Coding with Machine Learning, Engineer at @runwayML, Lecturer @itpnyu,

  • Jing Dong

    Jing Dong

    Software Engineer

  • Pietro Invernizzi

    Pietro Invernizzi

    First cheque investor @Stride_VC with @fdestin & @HarryStebbings | x-@_TheFamily | I hate coriander 🌱

  • Merci Victoria Grace

    Merci Victoria Grace

    Advisor & angel investor. Former VC at Lightspeed, former Head of Growth at Slack. Happy to help.

  • bytefish


    Diagrams are better than words. Animations are better than English. Embed demos are better than code snippets.

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