Expose Who’s Liked You on Tinder with js

I just saw this article.


According to the article, Tinder is using CSS, filter: blur(12px;).

This totally makes sense for a web application since generating masked images would need some work.

I checked the web app and knew that Tinder is using react and it prevents accessing the Who's Liked page directly.

  1. Go to https://tinder.com/app/recs
  2. Go to https://tinder.com/app/likes-you by clicking the photo in the sidebar
  3. Open Chrome Developer Tools
  4. Paste the following code on your console
const getPiclinks = () => {
const all = document.querySelectorAll(".StretchedBox");
const start = all.length/2; // divide by 2 because StretchedBox class is also used by the div in the side bar
const end = all.length;
for(let i=start; i<end; i++) {
const url = all[i].style.cssText.replace('background-image: url("', '').replace(")", '');
  1. Run the function
    type getPiclinks on your console
  2. Click the links console shows
    You will see links to the image.

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