Collect Images with Python

I’ve noticed one thing that collecting image is kind of expensive since I started learning on machine learning(image classifier)

Actually, we can use Google, MS, Flickr, Pinterest etc, but there is something.

In terms of Google, the API is not free anymore, we can use instant search or personal search something, but it has limitations. So not really flexible.

We can use MS API for free, but to me their API system is complicated, even with Postman, I got confused lol.

I believe Pinterest is a great website, but their API has also some limitations, so it’s not very flexible.

Flickr is awesome. Not difficult to use its API and many libraries for it. However, the taste of their photos are a little bit different from what I want.

So, the only way is to use python for collecting images.

Here is what I do for collecting images.

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