18 things We Can Do with curl

Here is how to install curl on macOS/Windows/Linux

get ipinfo

We can get an IP address with curl command easily.

generate QR code

The following is a QR code to access my personal website.
you can put anything you want to show(string, number, and url).

get weather info

If you change after , you can see the weather that you want to know.

get cryptocurrency rate

The shows you famous currencies' rate. If you put a specific currency, you can see the rate and a chart of the currency.

Watch animation on Terminal

get a page

get method

In this case, I used https://openweathermap.org/ with jq (I will post an article on jq soon).

post method

post json

Basic auth

use Bearer

generate a curl command from Google Chrome

Open DevTool > Network > right click > copy > or

Send Cookie

Save Cookie

Send back Cookie

Send back stored cookie file, cookie.txt

Upload file

measure the response (benchmark)

Only one-time measurement doesn’t make sense lol
The following is do the same thing 10 times and calc the average.

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